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Henna spots on the body !?

I answer all the interrogative mails I constantly receive about this strange phenomenon.
You have noticed henna spots on your body ?!
No worries I have the explanation of this strange phenomenon.
Reassure you, it is not a djin asking for your hand, neither an angel who wants to announce that you are the one chosen by God, nor a witch who succeeded to cross The walls to your room in purpose to apply you henna and disrupt your existence ....
I will definitely disappoint you but the real explanation lies in the strange world of allergies that even doctors have a hard time explaining nowadays. 
Yes allergy, you are allergic to a food, a drug, a cheese, a fruit, a molecule of a product that you have badly dosed, a bacterium, a hormonal change, an exposure to the sun , Hyperpigmentation ...
It's just that, there's no other supernatural explanation.
I am sorry to bring you back on earth, you who believed it was a sign that came from heaven.
God does not address to people through a strange brown spots on the body.
You can resume a normal life and completely forget the strange explanations that was given to you by our super community .
Do not forget to take an appointment with your dermatologist. He will give you an anti-bacterial cream to be appled on the body or, perhaps, at least a rational explanation for this phenomenon.
May God give you his support and guide our community to take charge.


(Merci à Khalid pour la traduction)

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